F.E. Bellows Elementary School fifth-grade students, who had been studying about Latin America, recently completed an art project to further enhance their understanding of the content.

Art teacher Dara Goodman said she and her students studied about the traditional Mexican holiday Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) in their classes and discussed its influence on pop culture and the media. As part of the three-week-long project, the students were challenged to sculpt proportional sugar skulls out of clay, create drawings of a skeleton in motion and complete their artworks with traditional and ornamental decorations. 

“We focused on the need for proportion and motion,” Goodman said. “This project will lead into a large-scale sculpture project, which is based on pop artist Claes Oldenburg. The students will be choosing foods, candies or other objects that are popular with them to sculpt them on a grand scale.”