Members of the Rye Neck High School Student Senate have collected $400 to help those affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. They’ve been raising money since the beginning of the school year during homeroom and back-to-school nights, and students continue adding to the donations jar in the school lobby.

“We all wanted to come together and benefit everyone else,” said Rebecca Tenner, a junior and Student Senate secretary. “We’re not a selfish community. We like to give. We always have fundraisers, whether it’s for food drives or hurricanes. We always have something going on and it just shows we’re a community that likes to help others.”

Student Senate President Conor Flood, a senior, said the students wanted to get involved after seeing the devastating impact of the hurricanes, which flooded schools and houses in communities throughout Texas and Florida. 

“We’re a very collaborative community and we like helping others,” Flood said. “If that were to happen to us, we would want other people to help us as well.”

The students will continue to collect donations through Sept. 29, after which they will donate the money to the Red Cross for relief efforts.

hurricane donations image