Daniel Warren Elementary School second-graders kicked off their new science unit on air and weather by exploring concepts such as lightning, clouds, tornadoes, precipitation and condensation through a number of science demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Thanks to a generous grant from the PTSA, the students welcomed scientist Mark Goldstein to their classrooms on Jan. 10 and 11 and experienced the science enrichment program, Weather or Not. Goldstein, who brought energy and excitement to his presentation, interacted with the students as they discovered the properties of air and air pressure and learned what causes the different types of weather. As part of the experiments, the students watched an egg get sucked into a jar, lifted ice cubes with a string, played with tornado tubes and made a cloud in the classroom.

“This was a wonderful program,” teacher Tara Linehan said. “It directly correlated to our curriculum on air and weather. Mr. Goldstein introduced so many science content words that got the students excited to begin our new science unit. They’re going to learn about air pressure, the water cycle, different types of precipitation and all of those things were covered during his hands-on experiments.”

Principal Jane Scheinman said two second-graders have been joining her each morning since the beginning of the school year to provide their peers with a daily weather report during the morning announcements. Now, the students will have a better understanding of what they’ve been reporting on as they continue to build on their knowledge of weather.