Kindergartners at Daniel Warren Elementary School recently participated in several hands-on activities that helped them celebrate the holiday season and reinforced what they’ve been learning since the beginning of the school year.

Students in Monique Santoro’s class enjoyed a sight word reinforcement activity, which challenged them to find a new vocabulary word. They also engaged in a math game coloring activity to further develop their ability to subitize or visually recognize small amount of objects without counting them. For their seasonal craft, the students – who had been reading and listening to several different versions of the “Gingerbread Man” – created their own gingerbread cookies out of paper and decorated them with buttons and pom poms. 

“The children enjoyed creating their own ‘cookie’ and then putting it in the oven, or a bookshelf, and letting it bake,” Santoro said. “Computer games and graphing their favorite version of the classic story were some of the additional activities they enjoyed.”

As a way to commemorate the school’s diversity and rich cultural heritages, all students participated in a schoolwide “Candles” project. After decorating a paper candle at home by writing down their family’s holiday traditions, the students brought their candles to school. They shared their favorite family traditions with their classmates and decorated the hallways with their paper crafts in anticipation of the holidays.