Bellows Students Create Larger-Than-Life Sculptures

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Fifth graders at F.E. Bellows Elementary School recently created larger-than-life sculptures in teacher Dara Goodman’s art classes. Having studied the work of pop artist Claes Oldenburg, they were challenged to create their own pop art-inspired pieces. 

Drawing inspiration from everyday objects, the students recreated different objects, such as soda cans, glue containers, candy pieces and more, at an enlarged scale. They used cardboard to shape their pieces and plaster gauze to give their structures rigidity before painting them to complete their works. 

“Enlarging an object to a larger scale makes the viewer interact with the object in a brand-new way,” Goodman said. “This makes the whole process and artwork more exciting.” 

Goodman said she introduced the project when she came to Rye Neck seven years ago. It has quickly become one of her favorite art projects and one that her students look forward to each year.