Love of Science Brings Together F.E. Bellows Students

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Third through fifth grade students shared their affinity for all things science when they presented their projects, experiments, collections and demonstrations during the annual F.E. Bellows Elementary School Science Expo on March 11-12. 

“The Science Expo is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their passion and interest in science,” Principal Michael Scarantino said. “It is one of the most anticipated events at Bellows because it gives students a chance to shine in a different area of study aside from math, reading and writing, which are also on display as well, but more in defense of science.” 

As part of the learning experience, the students worked with partners or individually and conducted their own experiments at home. They were challenged to come up with a research question on a topic of interest, construct a hypothesis, test their hypothesis through an experiment, analyze the data and make a conclusion before presenting their projects at school. 

“The purpose of the Science Expo is to get students excited about scientific inquiry and investigation, to use data to support their thinking around unanswered questions and to collaborate with other students,” Scarantino said. “I hope students take away that scientific inquiry is interesting work that takes focus, determination and perseverance.” 

On the first day of the Science Expo, teachers and students viewed the posterboards that were displayed in the school’s gymnasium. On the second day, a panel of judges critiqued the students’ work. While only fourth and fifth graders were judged on their projects, all students were challenged to successfully demonstrate use of the scientific method in a rigorous manner. 

The top students from a variety of categories advanced to compete at the Tri County Science and Technology Fair, to be held on April 18 at White Plains Senior High School. The regional science fair brings together student-scientists from Putnam, Rockland and Westchester counties who showcase their exhibits before a team of judges in their respective categories.