Kindergartners Celebrate 100th Day of School Milestone

Kindergartners Celebrate 100th Day of School Milestone  thumbnail164938

Daniel Warren Elementary School kindergartners reached an exciting milestone in their educational journey with the 100th day of school on Feb. 14. They celebrated by using the number 100 in a variety of ways and commemorated how much they have grown and learned since September. 

“The 100th Day of School is an exciting day for our young learners,” kindergarten teacher Lauren D’Alesandro said. “We celebrate being able to count to 100 by ones and 10s, in various ways. The children took part in movement activities, counting using numerals, objects, manipulatives and 10 frames.” 

Throughout the day, the students made “100th Day” crowns, built with 100 blocks, LEGOs and Unifix Cubes, and created 10 frames with 100 stickers for the milestone event. In addition, the kindergartners – who brought in projects of 100 items they had collected – shared their creative projects with their classmates and toured the school to see what types of projects the other kindergarten classes had created. They also invited parents and family members to school and proudly presented their projects to them. One child made a banner of pictures of himself from birth to age five, while another child created a collection of 100 seashells from the beach. 

Besides having fun on their 100th day of school and using their mathematics skills, D’Alesandro said the activities further supported the students’ social development. 

“We celebrate the children’s ability to recognize letters, letter sounds, high-frequency words and reading books that are just right for them,” she said. “We look at the development of the whole child.” 

In addition, with the support of Principal Tara Goldberg and the PTSA, the kindergartners are hosting a 100th Day Book Drive. Their goal is to collect 100 used books from each grade that are loved and ready to be shared with others. Then, the kindergartners will count these books by making stacks of 10 and counting by 10s to 100.