Counselors Help Prepare Eighth Graders for Transition to High School

Counselors Help Prepare Eighth Graders for Transition to High School photo thumbnail162402

Members of the middle and high school counseling departments worked together to bring a special presentation to eighth graders on Feb. 3 to prepare them for their transition to high school in the fall. During their visits, counselors reviewed graduation requirements and discussed focus electives. 

“This is an important component for the students’ transition to high school because it puts them in the driver’s seat of their high school careers,” middle school counselor Samantha Chu said. “We believe that the more students are informed of their expectations as well as the opportunities available to them, they will be excited about their future and be an active part of their curricula planning.” 

Chu said that while school always comes with work and responsibilities, it is an exciting experience and journey. She and her colleagues are committed to continue to offer students firsthand information about their future and connect them with teachers and peers to learn more about classes. 

“I am very impressed with my students’ diligence to the transition timeline,” she said. “They have been great about high school-related deadlines and advocating for themselves in regard to future opportunities. Little things like stopping by to ask a quick question demonstrates to me how excited and prepared they are for next year.”