Middle School Students Draw Inspiration From Picasso

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Seventh graders at Rye Neck Middle School recently completed colorful still-life drawings, which were inspired by Pablo Picasso and the Cubism art movement. 

As part of the experience, the students learned how to create forms using value, draw objects from observation and create correct proportions within their work. In addition, they learned about color theory and were challenged to choose a specific color scheme within their work. The students worked with primary, secondary, intermediate, complementary, warm, cool, analogous or neutral colors, while others used a combination of color schemes by breaking their work into sections. 

“The students used collage materials, specifically tissue paper, to add shapes to their work of art and break up their work into more of a Cubistic style,” art teacher Trisha Appel said. “They also added details and patterns with Sharpie within the shapes or the background, and used colored pencils to color in their objectives, focusing on how value can add more realism to their work.”