Still-Life Paintings Teach Students About Proportions

Still-Life Paintings Teach Students About Proportions photo thumbnail162266

Drawing inspiration from French artist Paul Cézanne and his painting style, third graders at F.E. Bellows Elementary School recently arranged pieces of fruit and bottles on their art tables to draw the objects in front of them. 

Art teacher Trisha Appel said the students studied proportion and how objects relate to each other according to their size. They also learned how to use objects as a unit of measurement to create realistic drawings that are in correct proportion. The students used watercolors to paint their artworks and finished up their projects by adding highlights, shadows and cast shadows to their work with colored pencils.

“I loved seeing how the students were being creative while working,” Appel said. “They used their knowledge of how to draw from observation in correct proportions while being creative with what objects they chose to draw and what colors they used. Students had fun adding backgrounds, such as windows or pictures frames and wallpaper patterns. It was nice to see each student's viewpoint and how they all looked at the still-life in different ways even if they had the same exact objects in front of them.”