Middle, High School Students Display Artworks at Mamaroneck Public Library

Middle, High School Students Display Artworks at Mamaroneck Public Library thumbnail161714

A group of talented Rye Neck students, in grades six through 12, will have more than 70 artworks on display at the Mamaroneck Public Library art exhibit from Jan. 27 through March 13. 

The exhibit showcases a variety of work, from drawings to paintings and collages, of students in teachers Trisha Appel’s, Jennifer Dallow’s and Karen Fontecchio’s art classes. It also focuses on a variety of artists, skills and techniques across the different grade levels.

Inspired by ancient Greece, sixth graders created vases using different symbols and patterns on scratch art paper that were placed on top of a Greek column. Seventh graders who learned about the pop art movement and Andy Warhol created their own “celebrity self-portraits.” Eighth graders who learned about Stuart Davis’ abstract art and positive and negative space, created colorful and abstract city collages in which they used colored construction paper, magazines and newspapers to complete their work. 

“The middle school work that will be on display shows a small variety of what they learn throughout their time in sixth through eighth grade, which will continue throughout their years as high school students,” Appel said. “Students take with them their understanding of how to create interesting compositions, working with a variety of materials and knowledge of different artists and art movements, as seen on display, to help them become well-rounded art students at the high school level.” 

High school students in Fontecchio’s art classes created printmaking on watercolor backgrounds, contour line drawings and one-point perspective illustrations of room interiors. Having studied value and pencil-blending techniques, high school students in Dallow’s classes created still-life drawings in pencil. Students also created printmaking collages, which were made as a culmination of their design unit. 

“Students love to show their talent and have work displayed in the school throughout the year, but it is particularly special to have it in shown the community,” Dallow said. “I love to see the pride our students feel when given these exhibition opportunities.”