Recycling Is Top Priority for Rye Neck Students

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Members of the Rye Neck High School Sequoia Club – whose mission is to develop ideas and strategies to help their school be more environmentally friendly – have been educating their peers about the importance of recycling. Through their efforts, the students hope to make a difference in their community. 

Club members recently created and placed tops on recycling bins throughout the building to encourage students to discard items in the correct recycling bin. The students got the idea for the project after noticing how many bottles and cans were being wasted when food or liquid was thrown into a recycling bin. 

“The students decided to pursue the recycling project because they want to make a difference with recycling in their school,” said Chelsea Gillespie, a math teacher who advises the club. “The intent of these recycling containers is to encourage students to only put bottles, cans and paper in the corresponding bins. The recycling containers have two perfect shapes that fit bottles and cans and paper. We hope that with this change, students would be influenced to recycle more in school and outside of school.” 

There are a variety of recycling containers throughout the building. Near the main entrance, there is a large recycling bin for white paper, along with bins for all other paper, bottles and cans. Two recycling bins for bottles are located in the hallways, as well as large recycling bins in the cafeteria and small recycling bins in almost every classroom. 

After the holiday recess, club members will implement the second part of their recycling project – the Sequoia card program – which will reward students who recycle or do something beneficial for the environment.